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 Our customers report this is truly an amazing extract of genuine Kratom! Superior to any "kratom" resin extract or so-called "kratom 30x." In our extensive laboratory testing, all "kratom" resins or "kratom extracts" were inferior to our plain, unenhanced Kratom leaf Super Powders. In fact, prior to the creation of this Kratom Superior Extract Powder and our other unique Kratom Extract powders, "kratom extract" powders were scarcely distinguishable from plain Kratom leaf powder other than their color being tan or brown instead of greenish! Concentrations up to 15X-20X have been touted by the copycat sellers, only to be revealed as a false claim upon receiving and testing the products. The buyer is lucky to get a weak "extract" of genuine Kratom at best, and at worst, a fake "kratom" which is totally counterfeit and misidentified! Unlike other "kratom extracts" you may have seen, THIS Kratom Superior Extract Powder actually IS superior gram for gram to the best possible plain, unextracted Kratom leaf, the likes of which can be found for sale only here as well. 


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