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Green Vein Kratom

For those who prefer neither the sedation of red veins, or the stimulation of white veins, green vein kratom may be the best solution. Green vein strains are much more moderate in their effects than other the other vein varieties and can provide the best of both worlds, making them commonly used as a daily kratom.
Green vein strains can also provide nootropic effects, and are generally less at the whim of personal brain chemistry than white vein strains tend to be.



Red Vein Kratom

Red vein kratom is one of the most popular due to its natural tendency toward higher levels of  7-hydroxymitragynine, which leads to impressive pain-killing effects, sedation, as well as anxiety and stress relief.
Red veins also tends to be less at the mercy of individual brain chemistry; whereas white and green vein strains often effect people variably.

This is one of the reasons red vein thai (RVT) is so popular among kratom users –it combines both heavy levels of energy from it’s Thai influences, with the red vein painkilling effects —  leaving the strain stimulating but very well-rounded.



White Vein Kratom

Despite the lower amount of 7-hydroxymitragynine found in white vein strains, this vein type should not be treated lightly. White vein kratom has a very strong following, and can be highly effective for conditions such as depression and lack of focus/energy.
Of all the vein types, white vein shows the most potential as a nootropic (cognition enhancing) substance. Many have found that using this vein type first thing in the morning to be a great substitute for coffee due to it’s “clean” effects on alertness and focus



Resin & Extract

The extract form of Mitragyna Speciosa has a higher alkaloid content than that of typical Kratom leaves. The extraction process removes the active chemicals from the plant matter. This method entails boiling the leaves to extract the alkaloids, while forming the residual substance into a solid resin. This residue is also ground into powder form or marketed as a liquid tincture. Kratom resin is also compressed into Kratom pies the size of a single dose, or shipped in large bricks that the user cuts up for personal usage.


The consumption of Kratom resin transpires through various means. It is simple to make tea by placing the block into a boiling pot or cup water. When the resin disintegrates, you can blend in spices such as cinnamon or sweeten it with sugar and honey for a better taste. Look online for various pleasant tasting Kratom tea recipes. Consume the tea by drinking it all at this time, administer it in smaller doses, or use the option to drink it throughout the day. The last option can extend to drinking it over a period of a two days.

Another alternative consists of using an instrument to cut the block of resin into pieces small enough to swallow as you would a Kratom capsule. This plan of action allows for ease in dosing throughout the day, an enables you to place your Kratom resin bricks into an airtight container to make dosing more mobile. There is a minimal chance that using this method will increase the time for the full effect of the dose to get into your bloodstream, due to a longer digestion time. This means of administration makes dosage control more difficult for Kratom resin. It is essential to purchase a micro scale to measure out a specific dosage to prevent overages in dosage quantities.


Calea zacatechichi

Calea zacatechichi
, also known as the dream herb” or thle-pela-kano, meaning “Leaf of God” is a legal psychoactive plant that has seen centuries of use in central Mexico. Often used in shamanic rituals to divine the future outcome of specific events, calea deepens and enhances the user’s dreams. Today, calea can be used for a number of purposes. In addition to being perhaps the single most popular herb for people wishing to experience lucid dreaming, dried calea zacatechichi leaf is also used to combat insomnia, or simply for the soothing, peaceful, relaxing sensation that it provides.


Stem and Vein

The leafy tissue is separated from the thick central stem and veins, as in the preparation of kale before consumption. These elements lack nutritional value, so they are usually discarded before being eaten. Kratom farmers have developed the harvesting method that they call premium, in which this separation of the stems and veins takes place before being thrown away


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